Israel Nature Photography by Ary

Introduction to the “Sparks” technique

Last night I organized at the special request of one my students, an introduction to the Sparks” technique.

This technique is close to “light-painting”, uses the sparks formed by the high-speed spinning of burning steel wool to produce spectacular effects on pictures.

We met in a tunnel covered by graffiti, close to his home to try this technique.

We first started with some exposure and composition tests with classic” light-painting:

light in the tunnelThen we started with the sparks”. The first photos with starting parameters show that they not fully matching our needs as they showed a very strong over-exposure:

first try...

But these first shots, helped us discover the best settings for this kind of shooting and learn the technique better. After some trial and explanations, the technique was much better controlled. This is one of the last photos:

Hell's gate

If you also want to learn and try a new technique, don’t hesitate to contact me.


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