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The 3 essential accessories in nature photography

The title of this article may seem weird to some of you. How can an accessory be essential?
In fact, my experience in the field, made me understand how some camera equipment, made me better life during my photo tours and therefore give me to live more pleasantly and completely my passion.

Photography, especially early in his practice, can quickly become expensive if you don’t pay attention and if you buy gear indiscriminately. After buying a first “serious” camera (DSLR or mirrorless particularly), the temptation is great to buy various additional accessories. Unfortunately, at that stage, it is very difficult to know what are the accessories that will be really useful and which ones are likely to end up covered in dust on a shelf.

That’s why I decided to share with you my own experience to help you avoid unnecessary purchases. In my opinion, there are three really essential accessories for who want to do nature photography, and for which it worth investing a little of money, and that you’ll almost never regret.
Note that this article will be followed by three other to help you specifically choose each of these three accessories.

Photo backpack


Before anything else, and early after buying a camera, I highly recommend buying a picture backpack. I wrote a backpack and not another type of bag because I’m talking about nature photography. When talking about nature photography, that says often hiking, walking, climbing… And to that kind of exercise nothing better than a backpack. This bag have to be a bag studied for photography, with a specially designed photo compartment that offer good protection for your equipment.
Ideally this bag also have to offer the possibility to store other personal belongings, meals, drinks, clothes, compass, map, lamps… all that prevails during normal outdoor tour.

It must of course also have all the quality of a good hiking backpack… we’ll talk about all of these in a future dedicated article.

With a good bag, you can arrive comfortably to the place of your shooting, saving you a lot of fatigue and without damaging your precious equipment. You can also always have your camera with you and thus limit the risk to miss a photo.

A strap or other attachment or transport system

sangleStill in the idea of making your photo output a pleasant and comfortable moment I think it is essential to replace the strap of your camera. The one that came with the camera, which is worn around the neck becomes fastly uncomfortable while hiking. The weight of the device strains the neck, rubbing on the neck generates itching and sweating and in addition the camera hits the belly at every step.

Fortunately several different manufacturer have thought to more suitable and comfortable solution. In particular shoulder straps or fastening systems of the camera directly on backpack straps. It does not look like much, but it really changes lives and makes hikink with a camera really more confortable.

We also discuss these systems soon in another article.

A tripod

shooting at sunriseThird accessory in this list for nature photography, the tripod quickly become very usefull. In fact, as I often say, tripod give the oportunity to make to other pictures. In other words, you can continue to take pictures when photographers without tripods stop.

When light down you can continue to make beautiful pictures: dawn, dusk, forest, or even a dark night, with a tripod you can make pictures 24/24!

(very) Long poses become also doable: stars and night skies, HDR, lightpainting, sparks, water or clouds yarn, your art is less limited.

Furthermore the use of a tripod will also allow you, often, even during the day to have sharper pictures without the risk of camera shake and to work better on your compositions.

Choosing a tripod can also be complicated, so we’ll detail in a future article the essential things to consider before buying.

What about other accessories?

To me, these first three accessories will make your photos outings  immediately more enjoyable, more comfortable, more creative.

This will allow you to do more picture and therfore to understand faster which other accessories you have to buy. After a few thousand of pictures, you’ll be able to determine what other accessories you need: Telephoto, macro rings, ND or polarizing filters, speedlight… there are lots of options, but only a regular practice leading to an accurate assessment of your needs will prevent you from buying non usefull equipment.

You what you think? Agree with me or think there is other accessories for which it is better to invest in the beginning? Feel free to talk about it in the comments below.

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