Israel Nature Photography by Ary

For the 3rd consecutive year, photography courses for Negba’s Bnot Sherut

For the third consecutive year the Association Negba asked me to teach photography to their Bnot Sherut.

These girls who are doing civilian service receive long term courses once a week for several months.

On the program :

  • understanding the exposure triangle
  • different operation modes of a camera (Manual, Aperture, Speed, Program)
  • exposure metering modes
  • the influence of the focal length
  • portrait shot
  • group shot
  • food and proxi photography
  • nature photography
  • street photography
  • photo reportage

This highly practical course will give them all the tools needed to take more quickly, better pictures of children and activities provided by the association.

If you also want to learn photography basics as fast as possible, please contact me.

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